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Banner image showcasing Karch Industries' advanced excavation machinery at work in Edmonton, illustrating the company's expertise in delivering professional excavation and landscaping services.

Excavation & Landscaping Services

Edmonton's Trusted Contracting Provider

Our Company Ethos

Trust is the foundation for any strong relationship, and ours with you is no exception. At Karch Properties Inc., we lay a firm foundation by providing prompt service, effective guidance, and clear communication.


We are responsive, keeping the line of communication open with our clients so that they never feel left out of the loop. We know that our customers have clear expectations, and we intend to live up to every one of them.


With us, you can rest easy: You have a dependable professional committed to helping you, from start to finish. With us, you have a professional you can trust.

Aerial view of a large-scale excavation project by Karch Industries, showcasing their expertise in precision earthwork and site development in Edmonton's diverse landscape.



At the heart of every great construction lies meticulous excavation.

At KARCH, we specialize in top-tier excavation services tailored to the unique needs of Edmonton residents and businesses.

With years of experience in the local terrain, our skilled team ensures precise, efficient, and safe excavation for projects of all sizes.


Whether you're laying the foundation for a new building or preparing land for landscaping, KARCH is Edmonton's trusted name in excavation excellence.


Partner with us and experience the difference of professional expertise.

State-of-the-art excavator in action at an Edmonton job site, demonstrating Karch Industries' commitment to delivering efficient and precise excavation services.

Every outdoor space holds the potential to be a sanctuary, a statement, or a stage.


At KARCH, we transform this potential into reality. Our landscaping services blend artistry with functionality, creating environments that resonate with beauty and purpose.

From residential retreats to commercial green havens, KARCH's expertise spans a spectrum of landscaping endeavors.

Dive into our world of hardscaping, softscaping, and landscaping excavation, and let us sculpt the perfect backdrop for your memories and milestones.


Aerial view of a meticulously landscaped garden with vibrant greenery and intricate designs, exemplifying Karch Industries' landscaping excellence in Edmonton.

Every great transformation starts with a clean slate.

At KARCH, we specialize in efficient demolition and responsible scrap removal, ensuring your site is primed and ready for its next chapter.

Our approach is thorough, safe, and environmentally-conscious, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainability.

From dismantling old structures to clearing out construction debris, KARCH stands as a beacon of reliability in the demolition and scrap removal realm.

Trust in our expertise to pave the way for progress, one cleared site at a time.

Scrap Removal Services

Aerial shot of Karch Industries' efficient scrap removal operation, showcasing a clean and organized Edmonton site during debris clearance.
Karch Industries' skid steer loader in action against a backdrop of a satisfied client testimonial, highlighting the reliability and effectiveness of our Edmonton-based excavation and site preparation services.

Great at what they do! On time and in budget. Thanks again!

Geoffrey Vaz (Satisfied Client)

Snow Removal

Winter's beauty often comes with challenges, especially for businesses.


At KARCH, we ensure snow doesn't stand in your way. Our commercial snow removal services are swift, efficient, and tailored to meet the demands of businesses big and small.


With a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team on standby, we guarantee clear pathways, parking lots, and entrances, ensuring safety and accessibility for your clients and employees.


When winter strikes, KARCH is your shield against disruptions.

Robust snow removal machinery in operation by Karch Industries, clearing a snowy Edmonton roadway to ensure safe and accessible winter travel for businesses and residents.
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